Private Online Portal/School​

With a private online portal, you will get your own fully branded school and access to all our courses.

Whats is a Private online portal/school?

to put it simply it’s your own fully branded school with access to all our courses. 

it allows you to do the following following:

the school saves all your user’s progress and certificates, keeping all your compliance training records in one place.

Fully Branded you say?

Yes! you get all the great benefits of our Group manager account and you get the following:

What courses are available on a private school?

all of our courses and any updates will be available on your school. the full list of courses available for group accounts are below:

Can I add my own courses?

Yes, if you have any courses already built we can add them to the system for a small monthly hosting fee. if you’d like us to create exams and certificates to match your course we can also provide this service. 

As each client’s needs are different you will need to contact us for a quote.

Add your own policies and procedures?

For a small monthly fee you can add on the ability to host your own internal policies and procedures, We will add a test or an acknowledgement section to the end of the policy to ensure employees actually read and understand the policies. this will then keep track of who has read the document and who hasn’t this is ideal for those with hundreds of employees as you can track all training and policy records from one place.

Can Interic make/produce custom courses for my business?

Yes, if you have any specific course you need we would be delighted to work with you. we produce courses for customers in two different ways:

1. You Retain The Rights – The Customer Pays

If you want a bespoke course and would like to retain all the rights to any material we are happy to provide all the services needed for course production at a cost to the client. e.g. induction courses

this option is priced per job as every project is different. if you have a course you’d like produced please contact us to discuss it further.

2. We Keep The Rights – You provide us with the course content and material needed and we cover the costs of production etc.

If you have a course idea and it is something that we are interested in producing we will produce it with you as a partner. you will need to provide us with the course plan, script and in some cases props or a place to film. we will work together to make a full course including exams and activities. 

You will receive a copy of the final finished product which will be yours to keep indefinitely.

We will retain the rights to all the footage, the edited script and any material from the production and editing process. we will also have the right to monetise the product.

this is done on a case-by-case basis and is only an option if its a course that we can resell. if you’d like to talk about partnering up to produce a course please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Matching IOS and Android apps to match your school?

Want to add a fully branded company app so your staff can train on the go without needing to log into the website? we can build an app that works in unison with your online school. 

Contact us for more details!

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